Adipurush has been making captions since its  advertisement, and now its box office earnings have made it the talk of the  city. On its alternate day of release, the movie has earned a whoppingRs. 240 crores worldwide, proving that contestation can not keep  observers down.

difficulties  girding Adipurush

 Adipurush, the  rearmost film by director Om Raut, has been making swells since its  advertisement due to the  difficulties  girding it. The film, which is grounded on the Hindu  grand Ramayana, has faced counterreaction from certain groups who charge it of distorting the religious  textbook.

Box office success on Day 2

Despite the contestation  girding the release of Adipurush, the film has managed to  produce a huge buzz among movie- goers. On its alternate day of release, Adipurush Scores Big, earning a whopping Rs 240 crore worldwide.