Demand for Justice Court Orders FIR against 3 seers in Rajkot Atrocity Allegations

The Rajkot Atrocity Allegations have  lately made captions in India after a court ordered an FIR( First Information Report) against three  seers( religious leaders) on charges of hijacking ,unlawful confinement and sexual assault.

 Background on the Rajkot atrocity allegations

The Rajkot atrocity allegations  relate to a shocking incident that  passed in the  megacity of Rajkot, India. It’s  contended that three  seers were involved in the brutal torture and assault of a 24- time-old man in their vihara. The victim, who was said to have been mentally unstable, was beaten and burned with cigarettes by the  seers.

 The  indicted  seers and their involvement

The Rajkot atrocity allegations have stirred up quite a bit of contestation in recent times. The allegations revolve around a group of  seers who have been  indicted of committing atrocities against Dalit youth in Rajkot. These  seers have been  indicted of not only physically assaulting the victims but also forcing them to eat  mortal excreta.

The court’s decision to order an FIR against the  seers