Enhanced Convenience with ‘DMRC TRAVEL’ App: Delhi Metro’s New Way to Purchase Mobile QR Tickets

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation( DMRC) has made travelling easier and more accessible with the launch of its’ DMRC travel’ App. The app provides  druggies with a digital platform to buy mobile QR tickets for their metro lifts,  barring the hassle of  staying  by long  ranges at ticket counters.

Overview of Delhi Metro and the new mobile app

The Delhi Metro is a popular mode of transportation in the Indian capital, offering fast and effective  travel for millions of commuters every day. And now, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation( DMRC) has introduced a new way to buy tickets – the’ DMRC travel’ app.

Benefits of using DMRC travel app

The Delhi Metro has  lately introduced the’ DMRC travel’ App, which provides commuters with a accessible way to buy mobile QR tickets. Then are some of the benefits of using this app 1. Easy ticket purchase With the DMRC travel app, commuters can buy their metro tickets  fluently without standing  by long  ranges. The app enables hassle-free and accessible  marking for the commuters.

How to download and use the app

still, downloading and using the’ DMRC travel’ app is an excellent way to streamline your commute and avoid long  ranges at ticket counters, If you are a frequent  rubberneck on the Delhi Metro. Then is a step- by- step  companion to download and use the app

Step- by- step  Guide to Purchasing mobile QR tickets through the app

– Open the’ DMRC travel’ App on your smartphone. – elect the’ Mobile Ticket’ option from the app’s main menu. – Choose your starting and ending metro station. – elect the number of passengers and the type of ticket you bear( Regular or Airport Express). – Click on the’ do to Payment’ button.

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