Introducing Amazon Prime Lite, Amazon's new affordable subscription plan! For just Rs 999 per time, you can get access to all the benefits of Amazon Prime including early access to deals, free fast shipping, and access to Prime Video.

What's Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a subscription- grounded service offered by Amazon that provides its members with a plethora of benefits, including free and fast delivery, access to exclusive deals, abatements, and a wide range of Amazon Originals,  pictures, and television shows.

Why was Prime Lite introduced?

Amazon Prime Lite was introduced to  give an affordable subscription option for  guests who may not bear all the features of the full Amazon Prime class. The  platoon at Amazon  honored that while Prime has been  largely popular with millions of subscribers, some  guests may not need access to certain services  similar as free deliveries on all products.

Benefits of Prime Lite

still,  also the new subscription plan by Amazon called Prime Lite is perfect for you, If you are someone who loves shopping online and enjoys watching your favorite  pictures and shows on Amazon Prime Video.