iPhone 15 series launch: 10 new features coming for iPhone users

Streamlined contact sharing

Introducing NameDrop, a revolutionary feature that simplifies contact sharing by effortlessly connecting two iPhones. Say goodbye to traditional contact exchange methods and embrace this innovative way to share your information.

Visual contacts with Contact Posters

The iPhone 15 series brings a fun twist to contac management with Contact Posters. Enjoy visual representations of your contacts, making it easie to identify and manage vour network effortlessly.

Check-in Messages

Keep loved ones informed about your safety with the Check In feature. Alert friends and family when you reach your destination securely and automatically upon arrival, providing peace of mind for all.

Adaptive Audio for AirPods

Experience an audio revolution with Adaptive Audio. This feature uses your iPhone's microphone to adjust AirPods' audio output, ensuring crystal-clear sound even in noisy environments.

Transform your iPhone into a smart display

Activate Standby mode when placing your iPhone on a MagSafe or Qi-enabled charging stand. Enjoy a smart display that offers widgets and quick access to essential information, simplifying your daily routine.

Mood tracking and journaling

The Health app now includes mood tracking and journaling features, allowing you to monitor your emotional well-being and keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings, all in one place.

Enhanced AirTag functionality

With Shared Air Tags, you can share the location of your AirTags with others, making it a breeze to locate lost items and stay organised.

Collaborative playlists on Apple Music

Apple Music enthusiasts will adore the Collaborative Playlists feature, making music- sharing with friends more accessible than ever. Plus, enjoy seamless transitions with the new crossfade feature.

Secure password sharing

For enhanced security and convenience, iOS 17 enables the sharing of passwords with a group of trusted contacts. Collaboratively manage and update passwords with ease, keeping your digital life organised and secure.

Improved autocorrect and predictive text

Say goodbye to typing frustrations with iOS 17's upgraded autocorrect. Get predictive text suggestions while typing, streamlining word completion and sentence formation with just a spacebar tap for faster and more intuitive text input.