19 marriage rules every couple should follow throughout the day


Make it a habit to listen to your partner- understand deeply what they are saying


Treat your partner with kindness, empathy, and give respect even if you disagree with what they say sometimes.


Don't force yourself into your partner's space or vice versa. Establish clear boundaries around what yu're comfortable with and what you're not.


Make time for each other, whether it's a weekly date night or just 10 minutes of quality time.


Support is very essential in a marriage and you should be there for your partner in good times and bad.


It is alright to make mistakes but learn to apologise and forgive your partner when needed.


Physical touch, words of affirmation, and acts of service can be some of the ways to express your care and love for your partner.


Laughter can be a powerful   tool in any relationship, so try to keep your sense of humour even during tough times.

Team Work

Working as a team is very necessary for a marriage because there are several things like finances, parenting, work etc. to work through.


Make it a ponit to understand your partner's perspective and feelings, even if you don't agree with them.


You and your partner should practice flexibility in tough situvations. you both should be able to change your plans when necessary.

Taking for granted

Never take your partner for granted make sure you express gratitude and appreciation for your partner regularly.


Make it a rule to always surprise your partner with small gestures of love and affection.


Physical intimacy is as important as anything else in the marriage. make it a priority to have some intimate time with your partner.


Never ever hide your feelings from your partner always honestly tell what you are feeling.


Be patient with your partner because there will be many difficult times when you both won't be able to deal with each other and get frustrated. But you have to be patient.


Make sure you both are willing to look for a compromise on both sides so that it works out for both of you.


Be willing to learn and grow together as a couple. Stand united against the world because it will always be the two of you in the end.