Massive Earthquake in Nepal Leaves Over 16 Dead, 140 Injured

Unfolding the Tragedy and original Impact of the Earthquake

As the morning sun rose over Nepal, the ground shook violently, jarring people from their sleep and shattering their world in a moment.

In-Depth Casualty Count and Damages Caused

The fate of the ruinous earthquake in Nepal has revealed the true scale of the tragedy.

Response to the Disaster Rescue and Relief Operations Underway

In the face of similar desolation, deliverance and relief operations are now underway in Nepal.

A Look at Past Earthquakes Nepal’s Geographical Vulnerability

Nepal, nestled in the majestic Himalayas, has long been known for its geographical vulnerability to earthquakes.

International Support and Aid Pledges in Light of the Disaster

In the wake of the ruinous earthquake in Nepal, countries from around the world

How You Can Help Resources for Relief Contributions