OLD IS GOLD : 10 LOST ITEMS THAT WILL MAKE '90s kids In India Cry With Nostalgia


One of the first traditional indian toys played with is the lattu, or spinning top.


you have no idea how challenging it is to put a wlkman in your pocket!But, the youth of the 1990s did it. A portable audio cassette player and recorder was called a walkman.

Cassette Tapes

We had to store all of our favourite music on cassette tapes physically before streaming, USB, and even CDs were available.

WWF Cards

Our actual pastime was collecting cards of our favourite WWF characters.

Mango Frooti

We only knew of this beverage! Mango frooti, fresh and juicy

Video Game

Does anyone not enjoy playing brick games? without this, your sundays and holidays would not have been complete.

Toy Gun

After getting this toy gun, you also began acting like a boss

Paper Boat

You constructed a lot of these paper boats during monsoon season and liked racing them with your pais.

Pencil  Eraser

You were able to focus in class after chewing this!

Big Fun And Big Babol

These are your favourite chewing gums. Go back to when you and your buddies would compete to blow the biggest bubble possible using bubble gum