Pawan's Yatra, a political  crusade started by actor- turned- politician Pawan Kalyan in Andhra Pradesh, has been dealt a  reversal after the  duty of Section 30 in Amalapuram. This has disintegrated the  crusade and its progress, leaving  numerous to wonder if Pawan's Yatra will be  suitable to recover from this  handicap.

Section 30 in Amalapuram is a legal provision that grants the  quarter administration the authority to circumscribe any public gathering or processions that may disrupt peace and public order. The  duty of this section has caused a major  chain in Pawan's Yatra, a political  stint led by actor and Jana Sena Party  principal Pawan Kalyan in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

What's section 30?

 Why was it assessed on Pawan's yatra? Section 30 is a provision in the Code of Criminal Procedure that allows original authorities to  enjoin the assembly of people in certain areas to  help implicit disturbances to the peace and safety of the community. Unfortunately, this is the reason why section 30 in Amalapuram has been assessed on Pawan's Yatra.  

  How will this affect the yatra?

The  duty of section 30 in Amalapuram is set to have a significant impact on Pawan's Yatra. Section 30 prohibits the assembly of  further than five people in public places without  carrying  previous  authorization from the police. As Pawan's yatra is basically a mass gathering of people supporting his political  crusade, the  duty of this section effectively puts a halt to the yatra in Amalapuram.