Revolutionary Lift Harley- Davidson Unveils its utmost Affordable Bike

Harley-Davidson has just unveiled their most affordable motorcycle to date, and it's making  swells in the biking community. The iconic American company is known for its  important and  swish motorcycles, and now they've a bike that everyone can go.

Harley - Davidson's history and character in the motorcycle  industry

For over a century, Harley- Davidson has been synonymous with the motorcycle  industry. innovated in 1903, the American motorcycle manufacturer has  erected a  pious following of  suckers who value the brand's unique combination of style, power, and tradition.

The need for an affordable option for entry-  position riders

Harley- Davidson has long been associated with the image of a high- end, luxury motorcycle. While this has served the company well over the times, it has also meant that  numerous people, especially entry-  position riders, have been priced out of the  request.

Introducing the Harley- Davidson Street 500

In a  shot to reach out to a wider  request and attract new riders, Harley- Davidson unveiled the Street 500 in 2014, the brand's most affordable bike yet. The motorcycle is a perfect entry-  position option for those who wish to  enjoy a Harley but have been  unfit to due to cost constraints.

Specs and features of the Street 500

The Harley- Davidson Street 500 boasts a  satiny and  ultramodern design, with a liquid- cooled Revolution X V- Twin machine and a six- speed transmission. Its compact size makes it a perfect option for  megacity riding, with a low seat height of just25.7   inches.