Sikkim Floods Live Updates 23 Army Jawans Missing, Teesta River Devastates bridges and Roads

Overview of Sikkim Floods

The Sikkim  Floods have brought about  devastating consequences, leaving the region in a state of chaos and despair.

Teesta River causes devastation

The  relentless force of the Teesta River has unleashed a  surge of  devastation in Sikkim, leaving the region in  maximum despair.

23 army jawans missing

The Sikkim  Floods have taken a  devastating risk, with the exposure of 23 Army jawans adding to the heart- wrenching tragedy.

Rescue operations by NDRF and Indian Army

Rescue operations by the National Disaster Response Force( NDRF) and the Indian Army are in full swing to  detect and  deliver the 23 Army jawans who are missing due to the Sikkim  Floods.

Impact on bridges and roads