The Flash is back and better than ever in DC's Rebirth. With a  plot that sees the cherished superhero traveling through time to save the day, the movie review of The Flash is sure to please  suckers of the classic  ridiculous book character. Join us as we take a look at the time- traveling heroism of The Flash in DC's Rebirth and give our take on the film.

A detail History of The Flash in Comics and TV

The Flash has been a cherished  ridiculous book  idol for over 80 times, first appearing in 1940. With  preternatural speed and  inconceivable revulsions, The Flash  snappily came a addict  fave. The character has since made  multitudinous appearances on  TV, in  videotape games, and indeed had his own  point film in 2021.

What's DC's Rebirth?

DC's Rebirth is a reboot of the company's  ridiculous book  macrocosm that began in 2016. It aimed to bring back the heart and soul of the DC  macrocosm, while also introducing new characters and  stories. revitalization had a big impact on DC Comics as it introduced a new  period of  liar that sought to restore stopgap and  sanguinity to the  icons .