Things to Know about H3N2

What is H3N2 Flu?

The H3N2 flu virus is a type of influenza that is most commonly spread through the air.

What is the H3N2 Flu Outbreak in India?

The H3N2 Flu Outbreak in India began in April and has since killed dozens of people. The strain of the virus is particularly dangerous, and has spread rapidly throughout the country.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of the H3N2 Flu?

-High fever -Coughing -Sore throat -Body aches -Fatigue -Dizziness -Headache -Diarrhea -Pneumonia

What is being done to Address the H3N2 Flu Outbreak in India?

The current pandemic of H3N2 influenza is a worldwide health emergency. There is a great deal of work being done to address the pandemic.

how to prevent it from spreding

Self- hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of H3N2.  Wash Hands before eating or touching your face, nose or mouth.