Top 10 Meaty Must  - Tries of Kashmiri Cuisine

What if you can’t travel all the way to kashmir, you can always get the meaty delights at home. These delicious kashmiri recipes are a must- try.

1. Muji Gaad A delectable fish curry, dunked in a pool of tamarind paste, ginger, garlic and garam masala, it is a  flavourful gravy to pair with rice.

2. Gushtaba When having gushtaba, please be ready to indulge in spicy minced meatballs dipped in a curry made of onion, tomato and yoghurt. Dig in and enjoy

3. Kashmiri Lauz Tender Mutton pieces marinated in peppercorn, cardamom and yoghurt, the meaty lauz is cooked in ghee and loads of spices and is a great kashmiri starter.

4. Matschgand Made with minced sheep or goat mear, the meat balls have a cylindrical shape instead of a circular one and are cooked in a red hot curry.

5. Kokur Yakhni All the chicken lovers, your wait is over. Kashmiri yakhni is the creamiest yoghurt curry you would have had in a long time. add to that some chicken pieces and enjoy

6. Dhaniwal korma The two most important ingredients of this korma are yoghurt and coriander. Flavoured with nut paste and saffron, the mutton is tender and yummy.

7. Tabak Maaz Toss the lamb ribs in salt and turmeric and shallow- fry them in ghee with a few spices. this yummy meaty appetizer is a must- have.

8. Aab Gosht Made in a milk- based gravy, the dish comes from two different words, aab meaning water in punjabi and gosht, meaning meat in urdu.

9. Rista Smaller in size than gushtaba, meatballs of rista are dunked in a non- spicy and mild curry. The balls are paired with stramed rice or roti.

10. Rogan Josh Onions, red chilli powder and ginger- garlic paste are paired together in a curry and mutton pieces are dunked in it. Make it rich with yoghurt.