10 Vegetarian Bengali Dishes To Try

Bengal’s non- vegetarian cuisine is well- know around the world, yet it has a sophisticated and nuanced cuisine, and its vegetarian fare is wholesome joy.

1.Shukto With wonderful gravy and veggies including bitter gourd, potato, drumsticks, and green banana, this bittersweet vegetable broth is incredibly excellent.

2.Dhokar Dalna This dish is made with onions and tomatoes gravy, and rich lentil cake of chana dal and dried white pea. Crunchy on outside and moist inside.

3.Basanti Pulao This simple yellow pulao recipe is rich in ghee and is sweet. Loaded with cashewa and raisins make a perfect dish.

4.Aloo Posto A traditional bengali recipe of potatoes in lightly spiced poppy seeds paste. Served with rice, it’s a vegan and gluten free.

5. Aloo Chocchori A simple dish made from potato gravy red chilli and some onions seeds. served with luchis or poori.

6. Potoler Dolma This is made with potol or pointed gourd, stuffed with mashed potato or grated paneer and dry fruits.

7. Ghoogni Yellow mater are used in the form of chaat, topped with tamarind chutney, chaat masala and chopped onions.

8. Labra This is a typically flavourful Bengali mix veg, with sweet potato, green banana, banana stem, and taro corn , among regular vegetables.

9. Chhanar Dalna This is a paneer recipe, where gravy of onion and tomato paste is used to dip the chhena.

10. Aam Er Chutney This chutney is yummy! Made with unripe mangoes and Bengali spice called Bhaja masala.