Who is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri?

Born in 1966, Bhageswar Dham Sarkar is a 28-year-old self-styled Godman from Madhya Pradesh

He is associated with Chhatarpur's Bageshwar Dham's Temple

Dhirendra Shastri spent his childhood in poverty and his entire family used to live in a mud house

He completed his primary education from a government school in his village and his father was a priest

Shastri is beloved to hold "miraculous powers" including mind-reading abilities and helps those who seek help

Followers claim that Shastri calls an unfamiliar person to him in court

Before his arrival, the name and address of the person are written on slip

Due to the miracle of Bhageshwar Dham Maharaj, he has a big fan

Shastri has vowed to ensure "Ghar Wapsi" of maximum number of people and stop religious conversions