Blind's Shining Star: Sonam Kapoor's Performance Wows, but Purab Kohli's Ruthless Killer Portrayal Steals the Show

The  rearmost blockbuster movie Blind has been making  swells since its release, and for good reason.

Sonam Kapoor shines in Blind

Blind is a recent Bollywood  suspenser that has  entered a lot of attention for its gripping  plot and excellent performances by the cast.

Purab Kohli steals the show as a ruthless killer

One of the  name performances in Blind is by Purab Kohli, who plays a ruthless killer in the film. His  depiction of the character is  nipping and leaves a lasting  print on the bystander.

The plot of Blind

Blind is a Bollywood  suspenser movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat with its gripping plot.

The direction and cinematography in Blind

Blind boasts stunning cinematography and sharp direction that adds to the intensity of the film. The use of lighting and camera angles is particularly effective

Comparison with other Bollywood thrillers