Don't turn a blind eye to the Mallavalli Oustees' struggle

The Mallavalli Oustees have been  floundering for decades, yet their cause has largely gone unnoticed. lately, the actor and politician, Pawan Kalyan, appealed to the public to pay attention to the suffering of the Mallavalli Oustees.

Who are the Mallavalli Oustees and why are they  floundering?  

The Mallavalli Oustees are a community of  individualities who have faced significant  rigors due to state- patronized development  systems. They're the people of Mallavalli, a small  vill that has a long- standing history and deep artistic roots. 

Pawan Kalyan's plea to not neglect the Mallavalli Oustees

 In recent times, one prominent figure has raised his voice in support of the Mallavalli Oustees – Pawan Kalyan. The actor and politician has taken it upon himself to appeal to the public to not turn a eyeless eye to the plight of these marginalized  individualities. 

The reasons for neglecting the Oustees- political apathy or regulatory roadblocks?

The neglect of the Mallavalli Oustees can be attributed to a combination of political apathy and regulatory roadblocks. This unfortunate reality has redounded in the prolonged suffering of the oustees and a lack of attention to their struggles.