Han So Hee Pai is an over and coming actress who's  snappily gaining recognition in the South Korean entertainment assiduity. From her critically accredited performance in the  megahit drama series" The World of the Married" to her starring  part in the  forthcoming film" Deliver Us From wrong", Han So Hee Pai is  clearly a  gift to watch.

  Born in South Korea on November 18, 1995, Han So Hee Pai had a modest parenting in a small  city in Ulsan. She was raised by her grandparents while her parents worked in Seoul to support their family.

 Han So Hee Pai's Early Life

 Han So Hee Pai's career advance came in 2020 when she starred in the  megahit K- drama" The World of the Married." This drama was a massive success, breaking records and gaining  transnational recognition.

 Han So Hee Pai's Career Advance

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