Live Updates: Delhi Battling Rising Yamuna Waters, Water Crisis Looms Large

As the Yamuna Waters continue to rise in Delhi, the  megacity is facing a brewing water  crisis. With the river   position close to the  peril mark

Background on Yamuna river  and its  importance  to Delhi

The Yamuna river  holds immense importance  for the  megacity of Delhi. It's one of the major  feeders of the holy Ganges and plays a vital  part in the socio- profitable fabric of the capital.

Current situation of rising Yamuna waters in Delhi

Delhi is  presently battling the rising waters of the Yamuna River, which has put the  megacity on high alert.

Potential  risks  and consequences of the rising waters

The rising waters of the Yamuna river  in Delhi pose several Potential   risks  and consequences for the  megacity.