VISION ONE- ELEVEN Mercedes- benz's concept cars push the boundaries of creativity and visions of future mobility.

RAISING THE BAR And the mercedes- benz vision one- eleven concept car is yet another perfect example of how the already high bar of car design can be set higher

INTERIOR The  car showcases low bucket seats, an expansive canopy glass that spans the entire length of the cabin, and side glass with a distinctive hexagonal pattern.

IUNCONVENTIONAL FEATURE The  Mercedes vision one- eleven concept boasts an incredibly low height, with a mere 1, 168 mm that almost grazes the ground.

STYLING The  One- eleven's retro inspiration is marked by the bright orange colour, gullwing doors and the wedge shape that signified the ra of supercars.

CREATION The  car has been created and engineered at Mercedes  Benz's international design center located in carisbad, california.

IPAYS TRIBUTE TO It pays tribute to the legebdary mercedes C111 experimental prototype from the 1970s, a rare gem with a production limited to just 15 units.

POWER OUTPUT It  offers an impressive power output of 1,300hp, powered by four separate motors responsible for its propulsion.

PRODUCTION It is unlikely that this concept will be mass - produced but the resurgence of gullwing doors would undoubtedly capture the intrest of many.