Palm through Ghoomer A story of strength and courage

Ghoomer is a traditional  cotillion   forming from Rajasthan, India. It's an art form that requires immense strength and courage to perform, and has been used as a  mending practice for centuries.

The Ghoomer  cotillion  and its significance  

Ghoomer isn't just a  cotillion , but a deeply  embedded  artistic practice that holds great significance in Rajasthan, India. This traditional  cotillion  form showcases the rich heritage and history of the region.

The story of Rekha, a survivor of domestic violence  

Rekha's story is one that epitomizes the true power and  mending  eventuality of the Ghoomer  cotillion . As a survivor of domestic violence, Rekha had endured times of physical and emotional abuse, leaving her broken and without stopgap.

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