Poisoned Plate intimidating trueness Revealed About the Food Industry

 The recent release of the talkie' Poisoned' has revealed some  intimidating  trueness about the food assiduity. The film focuses on the  troubles posed by  defiled food, and the  loose practices that  frequently lead to products being' poisoned'.

The Ugly Truth About the Food We Eat  

When it comes to the food we eat, the  unattractive  verity is that it's  frequently far from what we imagine it to be. Behind the  impeccably packaged fruits and vegetables and the mouth-  soddening fast food  refections lies a dark reality that we're only just starting to uncover. 

Fungicides and Chemicals Harming Us and Our Environment

The use of fungicides and chemicals in our food  product isn't only harming us, but also the  terrain in which we live. It's a double whammy of  toxin that has far- reaching consequences.  Fungicides are designed to kill pests and weeds, but they do not  distinguish.