Gagan Dev Riar is the man who took on scam 2003, one of India’s most notorious fiscal swindles. Unveiling the Telgi Saga Gagan Dev Riar’s name Performance in scam 2003, is a story of courage and determination.

In the early 2000s, India was hit by one of the biggest fiscal swindles in its history- scam 2003. This reproach involved the printing and rotation of fake stamp papers, orchestrated by Abdul Karim Telgi, a man with a cunning mind and a taste for fraud.

The Rise of scam 2003

The Telgi Saga is a witching tale of dishonesty, manipulation, and the grim pursuit of justice. It delves into the intricate web of corruption woven by Abdul Karim Telgi, the architect behind scam 2003.

The Telgi Saga- An Overview