Yashwanth Master Biography, DOB, Age, Height, Profile

In this Article you are going to know about Yashwanth Master Biography.

Yashwanth Master Biography:

Full name: Yashwanth

Nick Name: Yash

Date Of Birth: 5th June 1991

Profession: Dancer

Height: 5’8

Weight: 60

Yashwanth Master
Yashwanth Master

About him:

Yashwant master is one of the best choreographer in South India.

Birth Of Yashwanth Master:

Yashwanth born on June 15th in the year of 1991 in Vurthi village of Ananthapur district in Andhra Pradesh. His father is an Ayurvedic Doctor and mother is an Good Singer. She participates in local events.

Educational Status Of Yashwanth :

He completed his studies in Vurthi village up to seventh standard after they shifted to HUBLI. After he continued his studies at Karnataka ( eighth standard to MBA).

How he got Intrest in Dance:

In child. His Grand Father gave him 10 rupees for his performance. For the money he do’s the dance in front of him. This situation makes Yashwanth to become a dancer.

How he got chance in Dhee Stage:

For the first time he participated in Dance In Star in KARNATAKA. He got second place (Runner) for that performance. One of the choreographer named as CAT SIR liked Yashwanth performance very much.Cat asked Yaswanth that he wants him as an Assistant. He performed with tarun ( Cat’s contestant) in DHEE JUNIOR’S. He was appreciated by masters like Sekhar Master and Sadha madam.

Yashwanth as an Choreographer:

Yashwanth become a choreographer in Dhee junior 2 ( Siva Mani Contestant) with the help of Cat Master and Dhee director’s Sanjeev Sir, Nithin Sir, Bharath Sir. Siva Mani is the one who gave many International Level Performances by Yash Master Choreography. He always gives best to audience.

they ( Yashwanth Master and Sivamani ) got Dhee Juniors (in 2016) Title and Ninety lacs (90,00,000) of Cash Prize.

Really he created his own mark in Telugu Industry with his style of choreography. Yaswanth Master’s mother felt very happy for his success.

Yaswanth was Entered in Dhee Jodi with Sanketh and Priyanka (Contestants). Here the whole team gives best performances and creates their own fame in Dhee Stage. Yashwanth Master always shows his creativity in every Dance performance.

He won Dhee Jodi title( in 2017) by S.S Rajamouli Sir. He felt very happy by taking the title from Rajamouli Sir.

In Film Industry:

Master first project is to work in Raja Meru Keka Movie in 2017. he worked in Kaal Kg Preethi (2017), Valu Jada, Prathi Roju Pandaga Roju(2018), Uturn (2018), 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela(2019). One of the best thing is recent song Neeli Neeli Akasam reaches 499 million views.

Marriage Life:

Yashwanth master married Varshaa madam in 2019. There is a sweet love story between Yashwanth Master and Varsha. They fell in love in the time of intermediate exams. Eight years of love journey finally they married each other in presence of their both parents and now they are very happy and can’t live without each other.

Yashwanth master wife
Yaswanth Master Wife

Varsha madam is an Airs Hostes in INDIGO AIRLINES.

Yashwanth Master wears red suit on their reception to impress Varsha And he did a beautiful dance performance to welcome his Sweet Heart on the special day. He performed dance with his mother and wife in marriage.

Yashwanth Master Dream:

His dream is to become a number one Choreographer in South India.

He is very much interested in Movie Direction.

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Really Yashwanth Master is very inspirational person to everyone with in less time he shows his talent and creativity. Now he is one of the best choreographer in India.

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